Day One. Never having Blogged before, take me for a beginner. chide me gently, steer me when I require it, and let us see where and how far this can go.

This place needs decorating, and we’ll get to that. You, dear reader, need to know what to expect if you are to persist in reading here & returning. I’m someone with wide tastes & interests, a lazy writer determined to discipline myself to regular wordcraft here. I have much life before me & much behind, and much to share. Enough generalisation – lets deal with what’s there. I’m a new Twitterer, and a name on Facebook – actually several names. Something Facebook dislikes enormously but hard cheese for them, I shall not conform to their narrow expectations just because a few abuse the priviledge.

Largely, Facebook is just so much dated dross! I’ve played some of their games at times, but they are largely pointless. I’ve been subjected to a barrage of spammy requests to read awful sentimental drivel which I am required to pass on & pass back but never do. The purpose of which seems to be to salve the unconfident  masses insecure that might feel  unloved by demanding a meaningless token of that not love.

The best I can say of Facebook is that I have made friends there. Ah, I hear you say, mere acquaintances who could be anyone misrepresenting themselves. And yes, there are generous helpings of such peoplem and a very few real friends, some of which I have met face to face, and others I have verified. A mixed, but select group they are, and they have proven themselves. From the couple with the Autistic but quite lovable son living near Glasgow who I met last August, to the great friend who turned out to be a South African Muslim. I tend to be an optimist, I think it brings out the best in people – of course, it also brings far less honest people out of the woodwork and I have been disappointed – but I prepared for that, It is to that South African friend, Shakira that this first entry is dedicated, I owe her you see, because I’m more of a tribute toaster than the real one. Shakira is the original Toaster.

In future days and weeks you’ll find the subject matter very varied. People, friends, health, films, books etc. I intend to observe, review & comment with this criteria. this Blog must entertain me, or how might I expect others to be entertained?


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