Many subjects jostling for position

It seems most topical & appropriate to focus on Comic Relief today, a worthy & entertaining charity that gives much and demands much, though in the past several hours since my last writings many things have gone through my mind that require my attention. I will write what I write, and you dear reader will consider Comic Relief and hopefully give. My old form teacher back in school  used the term: Give till it hurts. I, however, do not require pain for satisfaction.

I live with partner, Scot & Bichon Frise (a kind of dog), Amy in Oxford. A city I love. I do not drive and have never held a driving license. It seems odd here in this 21st Century to not be a driver & be dependent on public transport, but I have never desired to be a driver, so I do not miss it. The truth is, way back in my last year of school I had a Honda 50 Moped. I used it often to travel to & from school, and after, I used it to travel to & from work, but never really enjoyed it. In fact, I gave it up after a particularly significant accident. I was driving it one Saturday morning when I fell asleep.  I was, of course, woken by the curb when I hit it, and found myself weaving around numerous shoppers in a popular shopping area. I succeeded in missing everyone and found myself heading towards a shop window – at which I turned the bike over, rolled on the ground & was unhurt except for a few grazes. I vowed on that day that I would never be a driver, and resigned myself to being a pedestrian or a public transport user. As  I was in the custom of  walking quite long distances in those days – it seemed no sacrifice at all.

How noble you may be saying, or more likely, what an idiot. But it was significant to me. We take driving to be our right rather than our priviledge, though we are not all safe drivers. I felt quite strongly that I contributed to society in my way, by not driving – and this was so many years before we concerned ourselves with carbon footprints and the like.

Do I still walk everywhere? Have I maintained my non-driver position?? I hear you ask. Well, ironically, no. I still don’t drive a car, but these days due to health conditions, I find myself on the joystick of a powered wheelchair, in which I am considered to be a very safe driver. Life is never quite what you think it might be! Remember to give what you can to Comic relief!



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3 responses to “Many subjects jostling for position

  1. Tony aka Phoenix

    Im gonna keep coming back here, your writing intrigues me!

  2. Shakira

    I’m loving this

  3. ginatoaster

    Thanks guys, I should be settled in after a week or so & the comfort should show in the writing

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