A world of Peace

Yesterday my friend Lydia tagged me online to talk. Her life had changed recently with a marriage breakup. She had been feeling confused, but was optimistic about the future and eager to be creative. In the aftermath of breakup, she felt she had a better understanding & communications with her husband.  Now, however, things were building. She had a frustrated revolutionary energy, but no focus for it.

The world is a continually frustrating place, a constantly unfinished work. It needs renewal & insight to be livable and though we know this, we can become so anaesthetised by its constant imperfection that we cease to notice it beyond the events that frustrate us in our lives.  Change within us awakens us to this, but we find ourselves unable to just tidy up a little mess & dust as if we were in our homes, the world and all its problems are a Gordian Knot that evades answers and permanent solutions.

Dion Fortune looked at the energy of conflict, realising that if we oppose a force, it pushes back with equal force. Nothing is changed by conflict, systems are often best changed from within, changing by going with the energy & subverting it, altering its course. I am a great believer in the philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus  “As above, so below”, the macrocosm reflects the microcosm. If I am the microcosm, and I live life as I feel it should be lived, the macrocosm will be influenced and change is made towards balancing these energies. This is something I have worked towards for quite some time, and I find that if I  allow mysellf to be infected by the madness around me I become frustrated, but if I focus on my life and immediate surrounds, I can find peace. The result of years of making peace with myself and practicing self love have given me this.

I advised Lydia to change something within, to focus within that revolutionary principle, and within minutes she had focussed on something she had mentioned to me before. She had read some of the Ringing Cedars series of books and had an inner ideal of a piece of land in which she could grow her own food (the ideas are far more complex than this, but here is what she could reasonably enact now). This would give her a taste of the life she aspired to, satisfy her need for change, and allow her a step towards the peace she needs.

Concepts of inner peace invariably ring bells of religious belief, but I am not looking to make converts to any belief system. The conflict between the various religions and their insistance on being the “only truth” is enough for me to see the negativity and violence such belief systems can bring. I do not advocate such behaviours. It  seems to me that IF there was a creator who wanted to be found, then that being would not advocate the marketplace of violence that so many religions foster. In  fact, rather than expect us to follow rules and jump through hoops, this being would make itself available to the smallest and slightest of us. so this force, person or energy can only be in one place – the peace within ourselves when we close the world out. That is where I find my peace – within.  Look for it there if you need to find peace.


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  1. Talia

    Luke 17:24 (I think! might be another verse close to that, but it’s definitely Luke 17) is a vital part of Jesus’ teachings which is in new versions of the Bible totally mistranslated, but even so has always been overlooked: “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

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